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Private Guided Tours: snorkeling and island tours.

Experience and discover the most beautiful places on Bonaire, both above and below water.

Snorkel tour

Snorkel from land with a private guide.

Island tour

Unique tour. Incl. Pick-up & Drop-off.

Combi tour

Combi snorkel and island tour.

Private tours

Combine these tours.

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The dream team

About us

Kirsten, Willy and Marco are your Private Guides on Bonaire!

Kirsten: I had an idea… share my love for the island with others and let them experience an unforgettable time on Bonaire. After more than a year of research, I know how to find beautiful and special places, both above and under water. Because of the history and tour guide training about Bonaire, I can tell a lot about the history, culture, flora and fauna. In addition, as a dive master and rescue diver I can guide everyone safely into the water.

Photographing the underwater world is a big hobby of mine. 5 underwater photos are standard with the snorkeling tours. So that there are always beautiful memories of Dushi Bonaire. 

The beauty of a private tour is that you can do everything at your own pace. You can stop whenever you want and even adjust the tour here and there to suit your needs. Customization ;-).

With two toppers Marco and Willy, the three of us form a great team. They are also certified tour guides, dive masters and rescue divers. 

Do you find it exciting or a little scary to go into the sea, let us guide you. In addition to divemaster and rescue divers, we are also specialized in guiding those who are afraid to go into the sea. 

If you want we can teach you how to snorkel. How you can float on the water, while learning how to look at the underwater life. 

Combine a snorkeling tour with an island tour for the complete Bonaire experience.

Call, email or app me and we will turn it into an unforgettable tailor-made private tour. 

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Snorkeling on Bonaire

An unforgettable experience!


more than just a place to enjoy the ocean

Breathtakingly beautiful underwater world and the unique landscape make Bonaire a special island.

More to Explore

Bonaire is known for its beautiful underwater world, but Bonaire is also a must see above water. I'd be happy to show you.

Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP)

The Park was established in 1979 and was the world's first marine park. The coral reefs are the habitat of beautiful tropical fish and other colorful sea creatures.
I'll be happy to show it to you with 1 of the snorkel or dive tours.

Diverse Paradise

Bonaire is known as Divers Paradise and for good reason. It is a protected nature reserve and is managed by Stinapa.

Discover the history of Bonaire

Fun facts

"Island in the sun", Harry Belafonte is said to have written this song about Bonaire. Klein Bonaire once belonged to him and Maurice Neme. In 2001 he sold it to the island government of Bonaire. Since then it has been a protected nature reserve.

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I will regularly share news and information here. Do you have a nice tip or something you want to share? Let me know, I'd love to hear it!