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Underwater Photoshoot

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Underwater photo shoot.

'We want an underwater photo shoot, like the beautiful photos on your website'. Two ladies sent me this message. What a nice compliment and of course we will make it a great shoot. 


Pink Beach

Looking for a place where it is definitely clear, with few distractions and a place with lots of sand… on to Pink Beach. There is relatively little coral and not much fish. Very occasionally there is a Baitball*, but not today. Normally I take pictures during a snorkeling or diving tour. Everyone is then relaxed and relaxed, now there is work to be done. I explain to the two beautiful ladies how we are going to do the shoot. Fortunately, they can swim and snorkel well. Even staying under water for a while is fine. 


manta ray

It is more tiring than a snorkel tour, as I keep trying to get among the ladies to get the right picture. Busy taking pictures and telling the ladies what position I want them to be, a beautiful majestic Manta ray** swims next to us. What a great face. Of course I wanted to take a picture, but with a few strokes she (or he) was already gone in the deep blue sea. What a special moment this was. We were close to the coast, 3 meters deep and then seeing a Manta ray is a very special sensation. The photo shoot was more than successful in the end. The pictures turned out beautiful, we had a lot of fun and also saw a Manta ray. It doesn't get much better. 


*Baitball: In Dutch Baitbal. These are small fish that swim close together in a school when threatened by predators.


**Manta ray in Dutch Giant Manta or Devil's Ray, is the largest ray species in the world. An adult Manta has a length of 7 meters, a wingspan of more than 3 meters and weighs about 3,000 kilograms. It takes 6 to 8 years for the giant manta to reach maturity. With its mouth open, it eats tiny plankton and small fish.