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Meaning of Yellow Stones on Bonaire

Gele Steen Bonaire

Along the side of the road and the water you often see yellow stones with black letters. These stones have a special meaning. They are not only striking, but also have an important function when snorkeling and diving.

Meaning 1:  

The yellow stones along the water have the inscriptions “Enter” and “Exit”. These indicate where it is best to enter and exit the water. They are placed to prevent people from accidentally stepping on the coral, which is very harmful to marine life. The coral is an important habitat for fish and sea turtles, for example. 

Meaning 2: 

The yellow stones along the road have the name of the snorkeling or diving location on them. This helps to clearly mark the spots, so you know exactly where you are and where you can enjoy the beautiful underwater world.

Fully enjoy

The guides on the island are all certified and specialized to not only guide you in exploring the underwater world, but they also show you the best places to enter and exit the water. This way you can optimally enjoy the coral and at the same time contribute to its conservation. 

I hope this explanation helps you better understand the meaning behind the yellow stones on Bonaire.


STINAPA Has been committed to Bonarian nature since 1979. For example, they also ensure that the yellow bricks are placed and maintained.