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Hiking on Bonaire? Yes, of course.

Hiking excursie

Hiking on Bonaire? Yes, of course!

Hiking tour

Three friends had booked a hiking tour with me. That means up early, so it's not too hot to walk. At exactly 8 o'clock we were at the hiking trail and we started our journey. The first part of this trail is a bit uphill. We walked between the *Kadushi cacti, the Agave plants and many more species of trees and plants. 

complaining sound 

In the distance we heard a plaintive sound. It sounded like a lamb calling for its mother. We went in search of the lamb, which may have been in trouble. After 10 minutes of searching we saw the lamb in the distance. Fortunately, the mother goat was already approaching. We walked back to our path, reassuring that everything was okay. 


Further up in a **Brazil tree were 5 WaraWara's (CaraCara). These are the largest birds of prey on the island. The colors of the WaraWara are beautiful. We walked a little closer to take pictures… Ouch called one of the friends. She ran into a cactus with her ankle and it is now stuck in her sock just above her shoe. Fortunately, I always have a special Cactus remover with me. Very carefully I pulled on the cactus, yes I succeeded without leaving a needle in her ankle. We take a short break to catch up on what we have seen and experienced.

And through

After resting, we continued on our way. When we arrived halfway, we could enjoy the fantastic view over a large part of Bonaire. Left and right we heard rustling, it was the BlouBlou lizards with their Turquoise tails. There is probably something to eat nearby, because there are quite a lot of about 20 lizards running towards something. We also went to have a look and saw indeed an apple there. Probably from a hiker ahead of us. The lizards love it and in one go a large Iguana (iguana) approaches. He also wants a piece of fruit. The BlouBlou lizards make sure they get away, they can't compete with this giant (certainly in their eyes), not even with twenty.

last piece

The last part is down, past fragrant flowers and plants. The friends were talking enthusiastically about this beautiful tour and did not expect that the island has so much beauty to offer, not only underwater.  


Most hiking trails on the island are good and easily accessible. The trails are easy for everyone to do with good walking shoes or even sneakers. A backpack with water and a snack is a must. It is warm and the sun is shining on your head, a cap or hat are not a luxury.

*Kadushi cactus: Is the most common cactus on the island. It is a columnar cactus and can reach a height of 18 m. It is a versatile cactus. You can use it to make soup, a liqueur or a musical instrument. 

**Brazil tree: The bark of the Brazil tree is also called paint wood. The wood was used to make red dye. This was then used for the textile industry.