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Tips&Tricks: Snorkeling equipment

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Tips & Tricks Snorkeling equipment

The time has finally come 

You are on beautiful Bonaire, ready to explore the underwater world. You put on your snorkel mask and pull on your fins, feeling the tension rise as you step into the turquoise water. The mask fits perfectly on your face. With every breath through your snorkel you are immersed in a world full of colorful fish and beautiful coral. You feel free and alive as you glide through the water. Choosing the right snorkeling equipment really makes a difference in your snorkeling experience on Bonaire. Make sure you have the right equipment so you can fully enjoy all the beauty that the underwater world has to offer. 

The Snorkel Mask

Choose a mask that suits your face well. Get good information at the dive shop. Once you have a good mask and you are standing at the water's edge, put a few drops of 'baby shampoo' in the glasses. As soon as you are in the water, immerse your snorkel mask underwater and, using your fingers, ensure that the baby shampoo is rinsed out again. Now you don't have to worry about your mask fogging up. Leave the mask on your face as much as possible. When you keep putting it on and taking it off, you may experience a foggy mask, which hinders your underwater vision. When putting on your mask, it is important that you ensure that there is no hair between your face and the mask. You want a perfect 'Seal', the mask must seal well around your face. If you have a mustache, you can put a little Vaseline on your mustache so that the water does not enter through the hairs. Place the strap of the mask above your ears and on the thickest part of the back of your head. Place the snorkel in your mouth and gently lower yourself into the water. A few drops here and there is no problem, but if it goes in with jets there is a leak somewhere in the 'Seal'. Once you are comfortable and you start slowly, some water may occasionally get into your mask. A little trick, inhale through your snorkel and exhale through your nose, this will release the water from your mask. Don't have a mask with you? We always bring professional masks for our guests. 

The Fins

There are not many white sandy beaches on Bonaire. It is often coral where a scorpion fish can lie. These fish are very poisonous. I therefore recommend that you always take water shoes with you. But here's the thing, sometimes you have fins that don't fit a water shoe... that's difficult. Therefore, buy or rent fins with an open heel. These fins have straps that you can tighten or loosen. Don't worry, we can also borrow these fins during the snorkeling tour. 

Water shoes 

It is best to purchase water shoes where you live. Water shoes are also for sale on Bonaire and of course we also provide these during the snorkeling tour. 

On a row

  • Well-fitting snorkel mask.
  • Baby shampoo.
  • Mask above the ears.
  • Breathe in through your snorkel and out through your nose to remove water from your mask.
  • Fins with open heel.
  • Wearing water shoes is recommended.